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SMT Cyclus Nieuwsbrief + mid-month Special

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Irma Schogt

Weighted values
Index 16 July 2024


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SMT Cyclus Nieuwsbrief + mid-month Special

Schedule: August 28, 2023, October 2, 2023 (September Report) , October 30, 2023, November 20, 2023, December 26, 2023, January 29, 2024, February 26, 2024, March 25, 2024, April 22, 2024.

The mid-month addendum to the Dutch translated MMA Cycles Report, SMT Cyclus Nieuwsbrief (including AEX Index) is now available for subscription in a special combination offer with a subscription of the MMA Monthly Cycles Report. The addendum is written by Pouyan Zolfagarnia, top student at the Merriman Market Timing Academy II (MMTA).


The mid-month addendum to the SMT Cyclus Nieuwsbrief / Dutch translated MMA Cycles report is now available for subscription in combination with the SMT Monthly Cyclus Nieuwsbrief, starting December 2021. Today's special rates will remain in effect until June 1, 2022, after which they will increase appropriately. Thus, this is an excellent time to subscribe and lock in these rates.

Our MMA Monthly Cycles Report subscribers have received two-three complimentary issues of the mid-month addendum and the reviews have been very enthusiastic. Readers have found it to be very valuable because 1) it is well written, 2) it is less technical and yet provides an easy-to-understand synopsis of the SMT Monthly Cyclus Nieuwsbrief outlook, and 3) it is graphically and visually very attractive, complete with market charts as well as astrological charts identifying the key areas of geocosmic factors now in play.


"Really excellent, with the color-coding and shading, etc. Nice complement to Ray’s work and obvious edge of experience. I would definitely subscribe to this."

- J.N., trader and subscriber

"Just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the first issue of the MMA Monthly Cycle Report Mid-Month Addendum. I felt the analysis was clear and relevant. Looking forward to next month’s analysis"

- M.T., MMA Cycles subscriber

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