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Asset Management
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Asset management


Market Timing Trend Investment

Does the marketing timing method, based on historical research into natural cycles in the economy and financial markets appeal to you? And would you like you to be able to manage your assets in this way? 

Then we have some good news for you: as of 1 June 2018, MMTA* graduate Irma Schogt joined the team of asset managers at Today's Asset Management in Hilversum. For money management based on he marketing timing method, this is the professional partner we highly recommend for those of you interested in asset management based on he marketing timing method.

Teaming with a fellow MMTA graduate from Switzerland, Schogt scans the movements of financial markets on a daily basis. This team is active in analyzing financial markets according to the rules and methodology of the market timing method developed by Raymond Merriman (USA). We look forward to serving you with Trend Investing through the Market Timing method, in partnership with Today's Asset Management.

Today's: At Today's Asset Management, your assets from €250,000 will be managed entirely on your own behalf. If you do not have the knowledge, interest or time to follow the financial markets yourself, this service is very suitable for you.


Main policy Trend investment

The aim is to invest in financial markets that are showing signs of long-term growth, where our leading indicators are confirmed. There are several markets to which this principle can be applied.


We focus on finding the best investments in:


  • funds and large stock exchanges, such as those in Europe and America;
  • a small number of shares in the sectors where the greatest growth is expected;
  • currency, as an investment for profit and to hedge exchange rate risks arising from other positions;
  • 2-5 commodities and/or related shares/listed funds



Trendfollowing strategy

Part of an investment position is held to benefit from long-term growth, as long as our leading indicators confirm this. When an increase (in relation to history) is nearing its end or reaches its greatest potential, it is possible to disengage in part or in full. If the market then has completed the expected correction and gives indications of purchaseability, it can be bought back. Ideally, we invest where we find the strongest indications as "evidence" of potential growth.


About Schogt

In the 1990s, the former foreign exchange trader at ABNBank Irma Schogt first came into contact with this method, which provides more insight into stock market movements. After years of research, Schogt has been offering this method since 2003 via to professional and private traders and investors.


Experiences with investments made using the market timing method

Schogt shared its investments with readers in its newsletter Market Timing Digest from 2010 to 2012. This Market Timing model portfolio produced an above-average result, which was audited and approved by an accountant. [Link]. Experience with portfolio investment on account of clients in 2016-2017 was also positive. [Link]. In this light, the step to asset management is a logical sequel and we look forward to investing managed for clients.

Trend investment: a new Special in professional asset management in the Netherlands. This is made possible in part by the professional investment company Today's Asset Management in Hilversum.

We are pleased to have found a suitable professional party in Today's Asset Management where investing according to the market timing method is now gaining a place in the world of asset management.


Do you have any questions, need more information?
Please contact us via the contact form or by phone.


*) Merriman Market Timing Academy, Troy Michigan, USA, 2013-2015. Through this academy, Raymond A. Merriman, the developer of this method, has trained a new generation to analyse the markets in this way. Schogt is one of them and is happy to be of service to you, now also as an asset manager.