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The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing Volume 5: Technical Analysis and Price Objectives

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Irma Schogt

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The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing Volume 5: Technical Analysis and Price Objectives

Raymond Merriman

New! Out now: This publication is the completion of the project that started in 1996, and covered approximately 1600 pages of studies and strategies for all types of traders and investors, using our market timing methods. In all, this is a complete and unified approach to analyzing (and trading) financial markets, and especially stock indices. The previous 4 volumes have been on “when” to buy and sell, or how to forecast a future cycle low or high. This last volume addresses the subject of “where” to buy and sell, or at what price to buy and sell. It is the art and science of “forecasting price targets.” It is the missing link to the first four volumes. It details the mathematical formulas and technical studies used to enhance timing of entry and exit in any market, but especially stock indices.

NEW: See the author telling about this book and giving long-term expectations, in this You tube video here>>

Financial Astrology



Glossary of Terms Used in This Book

Geocosmic Abbreviations and Symbols


Tools That You Will Need


Chapter 1: Trend Analysis and Multiple Time Frames

Chapter 2: Investors, Traders, and Their Charts

Chapter 3: Support and Resistance

Chapter 4: Price Target Calculations for Long-Term Investors

Technical Analysis and Price Objective Calculations

Chapter 5: Price Objectives: Basic Methods of Calculations

Corrective Retracements

MCP Price Targets

Chapter 6: Price Objectives: More Advanced Methods

Chapter 7: Price Objectives for Last Phase of a 3-Phase Cycle

Chapter 8: Price Targets for Breakouts of Head and Shoulders

Chapter 9: Gaps, Measuring Gaps, and Island Reversals

Chapter 10: Trend Line Analysis (and Gaps That Follow)

Chapter 11: Stochastics Patterns: Identifying Cycle Troughs and Crests

Chapter 12: Intermarket and Oscillator Divergence

Chapter 13: Moving Averages as a Trend Indicator &Confirming Signal

Short-Term Trading Tools for the Professional Trader

Chapter 14: The Formulas for Short-Term Trading

Chapter 15: The Pivot Point (PP)

Chapter 16: The Trend Indicator Point (TIP)

Chapter 17: Support and Resistance for Short-Term Trading

Chapter 18: As Good As It Gets

Daily Charts 2005-2011


Table 1: 4-Year Cycle Occurrences

Table 2: 18-Year Cycles: High, Lows, and Percent of Change

Table 3: 4-Year Cycles: High, Lows, Percent of Change



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