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Special "MMA Options Webinar" op 30 juni

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Irma Schogt

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Index 16 July 2024


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Webinars Market Timing

Special "MMA Options Webinar" op 30 juni

Derek Panaia, Raymond Merriman

This webinar will be very timely because it is right in the middle of the Saturn and Neptune retrogrades that occur on June 29 and July 2. Our market timing indicators project major moves in several markets to start near those retrogrades. We want to be prepared with limited-risk option strategies on Gold, Silver, S&P, and possibly Crude Oil as primary cycle (or secondary) lows or highs may occur then. The cost will still be $95.00 / € 89 ex VAT and will include 1-3 additional follow-up adjustments via email from Derek this one-time only.

In future options webinars, there will be an additional charge for special follow-ups if these prove to be as valuable as we expect. SAVE THE DATE: Sunday, June 30, 1:30 PM EDT (that’s 7:30 PM in Zurich, Frankfort, Amsterdam, and Paris, and 10:30 AM in Los Angeles).

Note: Keep in mind that options trading is speculative, and this webinar is designed for speculators who have some basic knowledge of options. If not, MMA offers a webinar recording on option principles by Derek on its website.

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