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Irma Schogt

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Index 19 October 2021


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Raymond Merriman MMA

This is the most important course on market timing for traders offered by MMA. We begin on June 18, 2021 and have opened 10 spots for this course only.

The MMA methodology of financial market timing utilizes several studies to determine an optimal time band for a major market reversal. But the one tool that provides that “extra edge” that all traders seek is Geocosmic Studies.

The historical correlation between planetary cycles and cycles in financial markets is impressive, as demonstrated in Raymond Merriman’s original research studies published in his five-volume series titled “The Ultimate Books on Stock Market Timing.” These studies identified which planetary-pair cycles and their phases exhibited the greatest frequency of occurrence to primary, half-primary, and major cycle crests and troughs in several financial markets, such as stock indices, Gold, Silver. T-Notes, Currencies, Crude Oil ands grain markets. Initial studies also show promise in their correlation to cycles in Bitcoin as well.

In the way of explanation, the primary cycle is the dominant cycle used for trading purposes. Its periodicity lasts anywhere from 13-40 weeks, depending on which market is being studied. The primary cycle can then sub-divide into two or three phases of approximately equal length. Each of these cycles, and their phases, have an “orb of influence” of about 1/6 the mean cycle length, in which that cycle culminates in at least 80% of historical instances.

For example, a primary cycle in one market may have an average length of 18 weeks. Using an orb of 1/6 that length, the cycle is thus due to culminate in a 15-21 week range following its previous occurrence. However, a 6-week time interval can seem like an eternity to a trader. With the knowledge of certain geocosmic cycles and their phases, one can narrow that time band down to a specific date with an orb of only three trading days! This is how MMA provides that extra edge” that all traders seek.

Now a training in the MMA methodology of market timing will soon be available live. Beginning June 19, and lasting seven weeks, Raymond Merriman and his protégé Gianni di Poce will offer 2-3 hour training webinars on this methodology. The classes will be offered via zoom, starting at 1 PM EDT, for seven consecutive weeks (June 19-July 31). This is part of the Merriman Market Timing Academy (MMTA) curriculum (Course 3), but it is offered as a standalone course for those not enrolled in the academy.

The cost for this 7-week training course is $1800/€ 1500*. Each class will be recorded and available for future viewing by participants. In order to take Course 3, one must have knowledge of basic astrological principles (planets, signs, and aspects).

Space is limited to 10 people, in addition to students of the current MMTA curriculum. If interested, sign up now.


*) Excluding VAT if applicable.


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