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Trends for the Twelve Signs 2022 eBook (PRE-ORDER)

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Trends for the Twelve Signs 2022 eBook (PRE-ORDER)

Raymond Merriman, Antonia Langsdorf-Merriman

Description: Trends for the Twelve Signs 2022 eBook will be made available in PDF Format online, around December 16, 2021. What will be covered in Trends for the Twelve Signs 2022:

An in-depth look at how the transits of the year 2022 highlight the major areas of activity for each of the twelve signs of the horoscope, according to one’s birth date. The potential for changes in one’s career, health, relationships, and general psychological well-being are examined according to movement of the planets during the course of the year. Is this a favorable year to make a change in career or residence? What about personal relationships? And what are the favorable versus challenging times ahead for each sign?

This year’s “Trends for the Twelve Signs” will delineate these and other areas of concerns in a manner that will inspire you to make well thought-out plans for the year ahead. Specific birth dates within each sign are also highlighted that will be especially affected by the relationship of these dates to Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto as well as solar and lunar eclipses.


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