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The Forecast 2020 Pre-Order Happing NOW

The Forecast 2020 Pre-Order Happing NOW

The Forecast 2020 Pre-Order Happing NOW

It is that time of the year again!


The Pre Publication Sale of Forecast 2020 has started!



MMA's annual Forecast Book, written by Raymond A. Merriman since 1976, is one of the most unique, affordable, and accurate glimpses into the coming year. Utilizing the study of market cycles intersecting with geocosmic factors, this annual Forecast book outlines forthcoming trends pertaining to political, economic, and financial markets throughout the world. This is a book with an impressive history of insightful accuracy into world economic and financial market conditions that you need to guide you through 2020.


The 2019 Scorecard shows how Raymond Merriman and MMTA-Graduates called the events of this year. Read here>>


As every year, the Forecast book for next year can be ordered for the best price during our pre publication period, which will last through November 15. Until November 15, the book can be ordered for € 45 only. After thar, price will be € 49,95.



Loyal Forecast book Readers

Those of you who ever bought a Forecast Book (or Vooruizichtenboek) with us before, may use the coupon code FC2020-LC in the ordering proces for a 10 percent discount off the price of a Forecast book.


Perfect time to start a Report Subscription

This may be the best time of the year to order a subscription service from us. After you have ordered an Forecast Book and/or E book with us, when ordering any subscription from our webshop with a normal price from € 275, the coupon code SALE2020 gives you a 10 % discount. Make sure to place seperate orders, as our website takes one coupon code per order only. 



AEX analysis for our Dutch readers

Dutch Forecast 2020 Book or Ebook buyers will receive our analysis for the Netherlands AEX-Index for 2020, written by MMTA-graduate Irma Schogt.


Order your book today!

Check out our product information & ordering pages below.

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