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Review Congress Forecast 2019 & Beyond

Review Congress Forecast 2019 & Beyond

Review Congress Forecast 2019 & Beyond

Congress Forecast 2019 & Beyond received positive reactions

On Saturday 19 January, researchers on the connection between events in the sky and events in history on earth met in Breukelen to share their vision: on what they foresee for the world and economies from 2019 and the following early 2020’s. At this international congress Raymond Merriman (USA), Drs. Karen Hamaker-Zondag (NL), Antonia Langsdorf (D) and organizer Irma Schogt spoke.

Raymond Merriman walked us through the world and the economy in the coming years through his analysis of market cycles and historical correlation cycles of planets. It is noteworthy that the combination of placement of long-term planets in the coming years has not occurred before, not in 2600 years . As the saying goes "As above, as below", we can also experience transformations that are completely new to this world. Merriman discussed his long-term vision for Gold, Bitcoin and some other attractive financial markets.

Karen Hamaker- Zondag PhD showed the most important non-astrological cycles, from business and economic cycles to those of debt and confidence and more. She looked into the astronomical history to see when these far away planets were in the same zones in the sky as they will be shortly. Diving deep into history to demonstrate the relationship of all important cycles and their relationship with the present time, led to a unified view on the coming decade. Karen Hamaker also for the first time showed this day the foundation of the world's first shares exchange, in 1602 in Amsterdam, which she managed to distil from extensive history research. This horoscope is the footprint for how people worldwide have been looking at stock exchanges and shares for centuries.
In her lecture Winds of Change, with amazing colorful images, Antonia Langsdorf showed us how the world could change in the coming years. From renewal, progress and liberation from traditional structures, we have the chance to come up with practical, workable solutions and inventions that serve our environment and our planet. We can also flee into rebellion if a blind belief in progress leads us to constantly develop new technologies without thinking about the consequences for nature and the environment.

Organizer Irma Schogt discussed the upcoming rare planetary alignment in relation to the effects it may have on major European bodies, such as the European Union and the Euro. Irma also discussed her long-term vision for the Dutch AEX Index based on data from 1602 onwards.

Asset manager John Lowe from Today's Beheer gave a short presentation on Asset Management using Cycle Analysis & Coherence of Patrones. Asset management has been applied in this way at Today's firm since 2018, and in 2018 represented a net return for clients of 4.25%.

Is your portfolio built to withstand "the reversal of the current economic cycle" in the near future? Please feel free to contact Today's and/or Irma Schogt.

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