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About Schogt Market Timing
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Index 23 September 2020

DJIA: 57.9
Silver: 95.03

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About Schogt Market Timing

Welcome to Schogt Market Timing, your Market Timing Specialist and bridge to Professional Asset Management.


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  • analyses and strategies for optimising financial market performance for traders and investors, and
  • asset management based on the market timing method, AFM authorised Asset Manager in the Netherlands


The method is based on extensive historical research of stock exchange data* on the coherence of historical trend analysis patterns and natural cycles, in order to help the serious trader and investor to interpret the different financial markets and the general economy.

The method is based on the work of cycle analyst Walter Bressert, developed by the American market analyst Raymond Merriman, who passed it on to a new generation through the Merriman Market Timing Academy - of which Schogt is one.






What Schogt Market Timing can do for you


Management of your Asset Portfolio

Since 2018, Schogt has been providing input for the investment portfolio Cycles Analysis, Patterns & Synchronicities managed by Today's Beheer, professional asset manager in the Netherlands. The investment portfolio Cycles Analysis, Patterns & Synchronicities provided clients with a net return of 4.25 percent in 2018. Are you interested? Feel free to ask for more information by email or via the telephone number below.


Analyses and strategies for traders & investors offers a free weekly newsletter 'Market Preview for the week'. The webshop offers research books including the 5-part 'The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing Series', annual Forecast books, but also webinars, live workshops and reports/newsletters with analyses and strategies of various markets. A few examples: the major financial markets (DJIA, S&P, Gold, Silver, T-Notes, Euro/Dollar, Soybeans, Oil) in the monthly MMA Cycles Report, weekly and daily analyses and strategies (in English) from US Indices to Oil, or from Japanese Nikkei, JGB Bonds and Dollar/Yen, or being kept up to date on the Bitcoin from day to month - or Crude Oil: we offer it all, for every trader/investor.

Schogt Market Timing was founded by Irma Schogt, former currency trader at AbnBank. Schogt has been representing the Merriman Market Analyst (MMA) since 2002. After graduating from the ‘Merriman Market Timing Academy' (MI, USA) in 2015, Schogt is The Netherlands' only specialist in the market timing method.


Schogt Market Timing is

situated F. Zeijdelaarweg 23, 1382 MB Weesp, Netherlands. Visit only by appointment.

registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 32086059

holder of VAT Identication number NL001530236B09

*) See ‘The Ultimate Books on Stock Market Timing’series Volume 1-5 and other market research books. [Link.]



Important Information

Schogt Market Timing Digest contains no individual investment advice only a general recommendation on which investors can base their investment decisions. It does in no way form any sort of contract or obligation. The customer receiving this information is responsible for his or her own choices and use of the information, hereby understood as the decision to hold, buy, sell or actions as such regarding stocks or financial instruments. The supplied information is exclusively indicative and can be altered at any given moment without warning.

No rights can be derived from the market opinions from Schogt Market Timing. Schogt Market Timing, or any other (legal) person, is not liable for damages of any nature resulting from on this website published newsletters and market opinions, the therein admitted or processed information or damages resulting from the non-availability of the website. Developments that occur after our market opinions and investment recommendation(s) have been published can influence the accuracy of investment recommendation facts and provided points of view. Schogt Market Timing obtains her information from trustworthy sources and at the time of printing has taken continuous and utmost care to provide information based on her points of view that are accurate and not misleading. Market opinions are based on trustworthy sources. Schogt Market Timing does not warrant that her attained and processed information is accurate or complete. The information on this website can alter without any form of prior warning. Authors rights and protection rights on data archives are applicable on this website.