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Introductie Robert Hitt


The World-wide Platform for Financial Astrology

“Not only WHEN but WHY”

About Financial AstrologyFinancial Astrology

In 1975 I began to test the thesis that applied financial astrology can provide an edge to investors through mastery of the psychological component of investment behavior. Named “animal spirits” by the British economist John Maynard Keynes, market psychology often has little to do with supply/demand fundamentals that constitute the mainstay of the current MBA generation’s investment process. Even with technical analysis, which aims to take a stab at market psychology, there are few methods that can identify exact periods of potential trend change and propose the event catalysts through astrological symbolism, generally months in advance.[1] Financial astrology has improved my understanding of market psychology and has often given subscribers a considerable edge in making profitable trading decisions.

No tool – whether fundamental, technical, or astrological – works consistently well all the time. Nor is financial astrology suited to be a standalone market analysis tool – it’s only one of many factors in the markets. Even if one accepted the purely astrological premise that all events are astrologically influenced – a market analyst would need to calculate the horoscopes not only for every trader, but also for every company, exchange, country, and major political figure in the world to come anywhere close to a precise astrological forecast. Not only is this type of analysis not possible with the fastest supercomputers, but the marginal benefits from this exercise do not exceed the marginal costs. Analysis of general astrological influences affecting the world at large, named “mundane astrology,” is combined with other factors which impact primary U.S. market exchanges and on occasion major political leaders and events. Together these combine the bulk of the principal astrological factors that impact financial markets on a daily basis.


Weekly Commentary

Starting in August 2006 only weekly commentary will be posted with Intraday updates added into the mix in January 2008 as a BONUS for the time being.

Astrological influences both of short and long term duration are analyzed every week.

I incorporate technical analysis to generate both short and intermediate term outlooks for the U.S. equity market. Technical methods rely primarily on price support/resistance, trend lines, and Elliott Wave analysis. Alternative wave counts are always provided and outlooks include guidelines that confirm or invalidate the preferred scenario.

Each week’s commentary includes a view of long-term planetary influences (such as aspects made by slow-moving planets which can last for several months), short-term influences (often triggered by the fast-moving moon or other smaller planets). A specific commentary on a particular day may predict the market’s reaction to a major economic report (e.g., non-farm payroll, PPI/CPI) based on the report’s coincidental timing with known astrological aspects. Another might focus on whether a speech by A Fed chief might jolt market psychology by making a surprise statement. What I write has a lot to do with what my intuition happens to grab onto at the time. How eclipses or other significant planetary alignments may trigger geopolitical events are also considered. The weekly commentary summarizes the prior week’s trading action and takes a look ahead based on long and short term astrological events.


Additional Services

RJ Hitt / Montco Services, the operator of www.astroecon.com, is a dynamic entity, seeking to best serve the needs of its subscribers. Custom research available by request enables subscribers the opportunity to apply astrological tools to specific personal situations where astrological influences are most closely felt. Astrology is a powerful tool not only for improving one’s financial situation but for personal mastery and soul improvement. The clap of a Zen master’s hands reminds pupils that there is no tomorrow – only the NOW. Why wait?


About Robert Hitt

Since 1975, Robert has researched the impact of astrological influences on US stock market behavior. An important contribution to financial astrology is his pioneering work in the application of midpoint astrological aspects to long term financial and economic cycles which portended the rolling series of financial dislocations beginning with the Asian crisis in 1997.

The AstroEcon website, started by Mr. Hitt in 1995, was one of the first financial astrology sites on the world wide web. It is now considered by many as the best site for advanced students of this art / science to learn how to apply astrological principles into a realistic trading plan.


This article is written by Robert Hitt.