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Introuctie Dharmik Team


The World-wide Platform for Financial Astrology

Our Motto:

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.” (Buddha)


Who are we?

Daniel Ciuntuc, member of the Dharmik Market Timing team

We are five friends each one passionate and devoted to studying and researching his/hers favorite scientific domain. The team members are: Ashwini Patel (Vedic astrology specialist), Christopher Wilson (European astrology specialist), Daniel Ciuntuc and Daniel Norris (technical analysis specialist and experienced trader on international stock markets) and William Robey (IT specialist).
The beginning was relatively classical. Daniel Norris started as a trader on international markets six years ago. He worked for various companies and banks in order to study and gain experience in the field of trading. During these years he has known success but also found himself dissatisfied with the financial market analysis’ lack of vision and the conventionalism of the analysis conceived inside the technical analysis departments. Wanting to find something else, something special, he discovered astrology. He met Christopher Wilson, a passionate for European astrology. Christopher used his knowledge to study people and their lives, to understand different events in everyday existence, to predict future reactions and events. Daniel and Christopher were both opened to new approaches in their field of study so they immediately connected.
Joining forces and advancing further in their research, Daniel and Christopher realized that their glorious predecessors (William Delbert Gann especially) also studied Vedic (Indian) astrology. Trying to get more information on this aspect, they found Ashwini Patel who was familiar with this domain. She joined the team with great enthusiasm.
Another important member of our team is Daniel Ciuntuc. He came with the aim of bringing a balance between trading and astrology. He is the one tempering us when we tend to become too obsessed with our own field of interest and forget about the big picture.
William Robey completed the team with his great talent in the IT field. He designed different software programs to connect the three types of financial analysis. He is also the one to conceive and design this internet site.

This is how the Dharmik team was born in 2004.

We are the Dharmik Team!


What do we have to offer?

We offer you a clean-cut analysis and graphic pictures of worldwide known financial products. The stages and methods for creating such an analysis are complex. Step by step we created a system that encompasses the three ways of predicting stock market evolution. In this way nothing remains subjective or misunderstood.
The one using this analysis doesn’t have to study astrology or technical analysis (although some basic information would be useful). The analysis is easy to understand. For the persons interested in more profound knowledge of this field we have gathered many useful materials to study. We have decided to focus mainly on the USA market index – Dow Jones Industrial Average (DOW) and EUR/USD but you can also find occasional analysis for oil, gold, different Forex currencies or different stocks.



Our Products:

  • Dharmik Daily Indices - Daily analysis for Dow Jones with daily trend, Highs and Lows of the trading session, inflexion zones of the price, other remarks;
  • Dharmik Daily EUR/USD - Daily analysis for EUR/USD with daily trend, Highs and Lows of the trading session, inflexion zones of the price, other remarks;

    Address: London, United Kingdom
    WEB: www.futureanalyzer.com
    E-mail: click here.
    Phone: +44 753 171 7905

    Daniel Ciuntuc
    Dharmik Market Timing,

This introductory article has been written by Daniel Ciuntuc.