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Index 16 July 2024


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Cycles Analysis & Pattern correlations Asset Management


Investment management based on the market timing method

For those who want their investment portfolio to flourish during economic growth;
but also want to be able to protect against periods of economic adversity



Financial astrology as a measure of stock market climate

The Market timing method has been developed from historical data research that shows cyclical behaviour of financial markets and products. Supplemented with the found correlation with natural planetary cycles, it forms an analysis method that can forecast future market behavior. Examples are: the decades ahead of the Great Recession as of 2008, the Crude oil bubble of 2008 and the fall in stock markets until March 2020.  



Lavendel flowers a Gift from Nature

Historical research into stock market data has shown that they tend to move in recurring cycles and patterns. Follow-up research shows a weighted correlation between market events and cycles of planets. This data on historical market behavior is the basis of the market timing method and is complemented by fundamental and technical analysis.


Investments in the CAPS investment strategy are made on input from MMA market analyst Irma Schogt with back-up from another MMA analyst from Switzerland and executed for clients at Today’s Group, Netherlands.



The CAPS investment strategy is a 'Special' at Today's Group, professional Asset Management Firm in The Netherlands. If you have little time to follow the financial markets yourself, want to protect your investments against economic downturns or want to diversify your investments, then this service is perfect for you.



Defensive trend following strategy

For long-term defensive investing, we follow the long-term trend, whether it is rising as it usually does, or falling. If there is a change in trend from positive to negative, we can adjust our position in order to take protection during the downtrend phase and/or achieve a return during the downtrend phase.




The range of investments

An investment portfolio is made up of the following categories

  • well-traded funds, shares and large stock exchanges such as in Europe and America;
  • precious metals and other commodities or related shares/funds
  • currencies, as an investment as well as to hedge any currency risk
  • some equities in sectors with good growth prospects
  • interest and bond-related products




Example of purchase in 2018

CAPS uses the knowledge from astrology to select the best performing sectors. One share that we bought in 2018 is World Wide Wrestling Entertainment: this share increased in value by more than 50 percent within 1 year.


Example purchase 2022

In mid-October 2022, NVIDIA stock was purchased just after the bottom around $118-119. On the day of the explosion on May 25, 2023 to above $300, over 150 percent profit was taken on this position. The remainder of the investment quickly rose to >$400-$500 and to even above $600.


Example purchase 2023

March 2023, just before Pluto went into Aquarius and the start of the tech boom, the shares we bought are of Google and Microsoft. Looking back early 2024 these positons moved up respectively >63 and > 48 percent. Not bad at all.


Kingfisher for CAPS with thanks to Pixabay


CAPS cares for and gives back to nature

There is little that can make a person more happy than by giving. CAPS returns part of its profits income to the nature that keeps our world livable. Projects to support nature in all its facets can count on our support. Investors will choose which projects receive our financial support. For example, for a greater enjoyment of life and living, we give children and young people a guided nature experience to build a bond with nature. Investors can also put forward their own ideas and suggestions for projects that support nature on earth and a natural environment.
The foundation -in formation- CAPS for Natural Green controls the income and expenditure.


Are you interested in professional investing according to the market timing method?
Do you have any questions, do you want to know more about it? Please feel free to contact us via the contact form or by phone. Or: contact Today's Group directly to find out more about investing via CAPS. 



*) Merriman Market Timing Academy, Troy Michigan, USA, 2013-2015. Through this academy, Raymond A. Merriman, the developer of this method, has trained a new generation to analyse the markets in this way. Schogt is one of them and is happy to be of service to you, now also as an asset manager. The second 2-year program of the  Merriman Market Timing Academy will be online and is to start January 2021. [Info.]

**) Past performance is no guarantee. Neither Schogt Market Timing nor any other (legal) person assumes any liability for damages of any kind arising out of the use of the above investment recommendations or the information contained or incorporated therein.