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MMA Weekly Analysis - All Markets

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Irma Schogt

Weighted values
Index 24 January 2021


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MMA Weekly Analysis - All Markets

Raymond A. Merriman

9-14 page update (weekly) on several markets, now also covering Bitcoin!

The weekly report covers: Gold, Silver, U.S.A. Stock markets (Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P futures, NASDAQ 100 futures), T-Notes, Euro currency (cash and futures) Dollar-Yen (cash) Euro-Yen (cash), Swiss Franc and
Japanese Yen (futures), crude oil and Soybeans. New: GBP/USD and Bitcoin!


Solar-Lunar correlations weighing market sentiment in Stocks, Silver and Gold

Based on research of market data in US Stocks, Silver and since 2015 also in Gold, traders and active investors can see when the markets are more likely to form a short-term isolated high or low, from which it reverses for 2.5% or more. It is that extra edge that can make a big difference for any market party.

Commentary on what to expect in each market in the forthcoming week, with buy and sell recommendations, along with daily support and resistance areas. Discussion includes forthcoming geocosmic and lunar cycle reversal days, and strategies for trading each of these.

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