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Get acquainted with Jan van Gemeren
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Index 17 August 2022


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Introductory Jan van Gemeren


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Jan van Gemeren is the founder of GannTrader. Over the years he has developed invaluable experience in his line of business. He has been extremely active in the financial world since 1985, both as a technical analyst and as a money manager. He is author of the book, Geld verdienen met Trading, [Making Money with Trading<]. In 2004, he and his family moved to Thailand. Besides publishing his weekly analysis reports, GannTrader Market Analysis and GannTrader Astro, he is also teaching a limited group of eager to learn enthusiastic students (GannTrader144 group). As a result of his success he is able to support a charity fund in Thailand.

While Jan is using the techniques of both Elliot and Bayer, it is W.D. Gann that is his greatest source of inspiration. This master trader from the early part of the past century was the first trader/analyst to combine analysis of both prices and time. In addition Gann included complementary analysis techniques. He combined Geometry, Astrology, Numerology and laws of Nature to complement his analysis. This might be a coincidence because the letters of GANN are the first letter of these 4 techniques. Using the Gann techniques Jan has accurately defined where the cross roads of price and time will occur. When price and time meet, a trend reversal is highly probable.

Cycles analysis is one of the other components of Jan’s work. For example: by effective use of the 20- and 60-years cycle he was able to predict the major highs and lows that have formed in 2007. The fact that some stock sectors like the commodity related ones did well can be explained by the strong bull market in commodities that Jan predicted late last year. Jan believes in a hyper inflationary scenario for the next coming years. Therefore stocks as well as commodities will rise.

Everything moves in cycles as a result of the natural law of action and reaction. By a study of the past, I have discovered what cycles repeat in the future"; "It is not my aim to explain the cause of cycles, the general public is not ready for it and probably would not understand or believe it if I explained it....everything works according to past cycles, and that history repeats itself in the lives of men, nations and the stock market" WD Gann

The future is nothing else than a repetition of the past
Respect the time and the time will be your companion.
(Jan van Gemeren)

"The average man's memory is too short. He only remembers what he wants to remember or what suits his hopes and fears. He depends too much on others and does not think for himself. Therefore, he should keep a record, graph, or picture of past market movements to remind him what has happened in the past can, and will, happen in the future. Panics will come and bull markets will follow just as long as the world stands and they are just as sure as the ebb and flow of the tides, because it is the nature of man to overdo everything. He goes to the extreme when he gets hopeful and optimistic. When fear takes hold of him, he goes to the extreme in the other direction." WD Gann

The markets are a reflection of human activities (Jan van Gemeren)

This article is written by Jan van Gemeren, GannTrader.NL.