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Annual Forecast Pre-Order Event

Annual Forecast Pre-Order Event

Annual Forecast Pre-Order Event

Published August 8, 2023


Our Annual Forecast Pre-Order Event will run from August 8th – October 31st. During this time, clients are able to pre-order Forecast 2024 eBook at the discounted price of $45. Along with the purchase of Forecast 2024 eBook, clients may also save 10% on any subscription (>€ 250) with the purchase of the Forecast 2024 eBook. Forecast 2024 eBook will be released in Late-December 2023.

If this is your first Forecast season with us, welcome! If you have been ordering the Forecast eBook for years, welcome back and thank you for your continued support. This is our favorite, and most busy, time of year. As we do every year, please start this Forecast season by reading our Forecast 2023 Scorecard to see how we did last year with Forecast 2023. We will continue to update the scorecard throughout 2023.

Forecast 2024 will continue our Forecasts for the world and the nation, with our cyclical and geocosmic analysis of social, cultural, political, and economic trends, combined with our analysis and forecasts for financial markets just like always – stock markets, Gold, Silver, T-Notes, Currencies, Grains, Crude Oil and Bitcoin. Plus, we will include our three-star geocosmic critical reversal dates for each market in its own section. We will no longer be publishing the individual book dedicated to the yearly trends for the twelve individual signs, Trends for the Twelve Signs.

We do offer discounts to our Forecast Fan Club Members (Those who purchased Forecast 2021, 2022, or 2023) and our Active Subscriber Club Members (Those who have an active paid subscription to our Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Reports). Check out our page on Forecast Club Levels to learn more about these discounts. We are always available to answer any of your Forecast questions via email at We updated our list of our most common FAQs to help this Forecast season.

We are looking forward to another exciting Forecast season together!

Forecast 2024 Pre-order Event