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Preview for the week beginning June 16, 2014

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Preview for the week beginning June 16, 2014

Preview for the week beginning June 16, 2014

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Since our last column of two weeks ago, many stock markets of the world soared to new cycle (and even all-time) highs into June 9-10, and then sold off for most of the remainder of last week. That was interesting because June 10-11 was an MMA three-star critical reversal date, a time when we were (are) expecting a top. Now we await and see if it will hold and a substantial decline has really begun. We have been faked out before, and Mercury is now retrograde. Fake outs are not unusual under the trickster’s (Mercury’s) retreat.

Gold, Silver, and Crude Oil also rallied smartly last week, which was to be expected during heliocentric Mercury transiting Sagittarius (June 9-21). For Crude, the rally was above $106, its highest level since June 2013.

However, as pointed out above, Mercury is retrograde now (June 7-30). This is a notorious time for fake outs, as information tends to be overwhelming, and often contradictory to investors. Technical levels of support and resistance are more often unreliable now, and cycle patterns are subject to bizarre movements that do not conform to the norm.

On a personal level, it is a time to check your messages for accuracy, and to check the information given to you by others for accuracy. As stated two weeks ago, “Be alert to rumors that are not facts, to communications that may be intentionally inaccurate or misleading, or even a lack of important information and disclosure that would make your decision entirely different had you only known.” That certainly fit the reality of what the White House went through in the past two weeks concerning issues surrounding the surprising USA “Prisoners of War” exchange deal with the Taliban. It seems that Mr. Obama keeps sequestering from one mistake and scandal after another, which is typical of someone undergoing the type of Neptune transits to their natal chart as he is experiencing (see the Forecast 2014 book for details of Neptune square Moon, opposite Pluto). You almost have sympathy for a person going through such an experience when you see YouTube segments being created that now question whether he is “Evil or Just Stupid.” Mercury and Neptune are both going retrograde. They are highlighted together, especially for those under Neptune afflictions. It no fun if your act isn’t … together.


Best Trade of the Week

Our best trade of the last two weeks in the weekly subscription report was in Soybeans, which advised, “Aggressive traders were flat (two weeks ago) and advised to ‘…sell short again in weekly resistance with a stop-loss on a close above 1537’ Bingo! The high was 1511-3/4 and resistance was 1509-1/2 – 1511-1/2. Let’s cover 1/3 now, another 1/3 in weekly support, and the remainder at 1405 +/- 10, and go long there with a stop-loss on a close below 1350.” The low was 1410 on Thursday and it closed the week at 1426-3/4, for an excellent profit on the shorts and now long from the low of the week and in the money.

All our new entries last week are too early to tell if they will become “best trades.” Perhaps the “best” of those new trades on the daily report will be in the Euro Currency on Wednesday’s close, which stated, “OK, let’s buy now (if not already long) with a stop-loss on a close below 1.3502.” It opened at 1.3527, fell to 1.3511, and closed the week around 1.3544. There were several instances of taking profits on Gold and Silver longs as well during the past two weeks, but no new positions entered yet.


Short-Term Geocosmics

There is much geocosmic activity taking place that has a correspondence to both financial markets and geopolitical activity today. Not all of it is simple. In fact, with Mercury retrograde, the danger is that there are too many loose pieces, a lack of all necessary information to make rational decisions that are in the best interest of the decision-maker or those he/she affects.

This dynamic is even more challenging because now Mars will begin its translation to the Uranus-Pluto waxing square. It makes a T-square from Libra, to those far out planets, and Mars is in its detriment in Libra. This is a war-like, confrontational, theme where aggressions may lead to further complications. On top of that, efforts to get people to agree to your agenda do not flow smoothly. Are you listening? Are others interested in cooperating with you? Are you presenting your case fully and fairly? If not, others are apt to feel manipulated. Petty disputes ensue.

In terms of financial markets, a T-square between Mars, Uranus, and Neptune can cause sudden reversals in price. They may not last long, but they lead to swings of great amplitude. As stated in our last column, “Mars retrograde ended May 21, but the influences of it in financial markets and geopolitical arenas still continue – and may continue until Mars can pass the Uranus-Pluto square in its direct motion, June 14-25. That should be a very interesting time, when many of the anxieties of the Grand Cardinal Climax of late April come back into play as well.”


Longer-Term Thoughts

There are so many new matters that have arisen that I would like to discuss – the election of the new Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, High Frequency Trading (HFT), the 5 for 1 prisoner swap between the USA and Taliban (5 leading Taliban criminals for one USA sergeant who is alleged to be a deserter of his troop)… to name just three. So let me briefly touch on two of these issues from a geocosmic and practical point.

Narenda Modi’s election marks a major shift in India politics, probably equivalent to what the USA went through when it elected Barack Obama as its first African-American president in 2008. Not only did Obama defeat the well-oiled Clinton political machine in the Democratic primary that year, but he then unseated the political party (Republican) in power.

Modi’s story is just as fascinating. According to Jeremy Carl, on May 22, 2014, at, “Narendra Modi, head of India's conservative, pro-business Bharatiya Janata Party, or BJP, and bête noire among the Delhi and Mumbai smart sets, led his coalition to the best general election performance in India in three decades.”

Here is your new “Post Cardinal Climax Real Hope in World Politics.” This is what this period since 2008 was supposed to be about. Or at least something like this was due sometime between 2008 and 2015, and what better time to do it than right after Mars turned direct, and just 1-3 days before Jupiter made its final trine to Saturn, and exactly one lunar cycle past the Great Cardinal Cross formation of April 20-22.

Here is “Hope and Change,” as promised by the Cosmos , not by man-made proclamation.

This is huge. I don’t know if it’s more huge than the 2008 presidential election of Barack Obama in the United States, because the promise of Obama is still waiting to be fulfilled – and it seems like it is falling further and further away from realization. But here is Modi, something new and fresh, and promising. And, just to get an idea of how historic this election was to India (and I think soon to the world)…. When I was still working for Wall Street and for many years thereafter, India was (and still is, to my knowledge) projected to overtake both the USA and China to become the world’s leading economy by 2030.

So Modi may be the Man. Maybe he becomes a man worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize even in his first year of office. Wouldn’t that be something! I mean, come on. He’s from India. He is trained in Indian philosophies, perhaps the wisest and most non-violent organized thought ever conceived of by man. So here is how historic it is. According to Carl, “Modi will lead India's first majority government not run by the Congress party, which has ruled India for the vast majority of its 67 years of Independence.” It’s like George Washington, Barack Obama, Margaret Thatcher.

Modi was born September 17, 1950. He is a child of the sign of Virgo. Virgos can become very interesting when they reach positions of power. They reach these positions often because they work from the ground up, understanding every little detail along the way. They are by nature exceptional at understanding the needs and values of everyone involved in the effort because they have been on the same path of human experience as the others. Their strength is in the ability to relate to everyone, and their wish to serve everyone. Whatever they do, they do with a sense of service and pride in their craftsmanship. They are at their best when they are humble and remember their journey, especially the hardships and people met along the way. As long as they remember who they are and from whence they came, they can be great leaders. This is their strength, their source of Sun.

Is it possible Modi could be another major disappointment on the world stage of power under the cardinal Climax? Sure. Of course. He is not a god, but a servant of God, and he seems to understand this difference. It is the difference between a successful and loved leadership role, versus an unsuccessful and unloved one. Where Virgos in power get into trouble, however, is when they begin to think that they are the ones who can make the rules as they see fit, that they are rule-makers and rulers over others and others must now obey them without challenge or question. They lose their humility and humanity when they try to be Leos, rather than realizing that what people love about them is that they do not act like rulers. They act like servants who work for a higher purpose, a divine purpose, or a cause that the masses support, not those they alone decree. Modi seems like a very humble and hard-working man, which are the characteristics that lead Virgos to great success in their missions. Other example of Virgo leaders include Shinzo Abe of Japan and in the USA, Lyndon Johnson and John McCain. They also include the likes of Momar Quadafi and Bashar al-Assad. Of course they are many, many more. But these are a few who come to mind that represent the different expressions of one born under the Sun sign of Virgo who ascends to power.

Now quickly to an opinion on High Frequency Trading (HFT), which has suddenly become a sinister blot on the financial field, fueled by the recent book “Flash Boys” by Michael Lewis.

Having been in the financial field for over 30 years, and connected with the Wall Street Brokerage community in 1986 through 1994, I can say this: today’s investor has it so much better now than he/she had it back then. It is laughable (to me) when books and commentators try to portray investors as being much worse off now because of HFT. Consider how much commission rates have come down. Consider how much better fills are now than then.

Most investors place orders called “Or Better” limit orders. That is, if you want to buy a stock at 25.00 or better, you put in an order that says, “Buy at $25.00 or better.” Chances are so much better now that if the market hits 25.00 (or better), you get it. That’s all the individual investor cares about. He doesn’t care that someone else got the same stock for $24.999999, or that he got it 1/100 of a millisecond sooner.

HFT does not affect the common investor, in my opinion. What it affects are large traders, very large traders, and other high frequency traders, or those who conduct “dark pools.” They are fighting each other for that nano-second advantage, and whoever wins does indeed capture millions/billions of dollars in profits each year. But if they miss even one big trade, they lose millions too. Yes, they are guilty of “front-running,” as Lewis contends. And yes, that’s technically and morally wrong, and should be corrected. But do we as investors suffer losses because of it? No, I don’t think so. Unless a trade fill at perhaps 1/1000 of a penny matters to you. In return, we now get commission rates of less than $7.00 for the purchase of thousands of shares of stock. Back in the day, it would cost hundreds of dollars to fill the same order.

For the investor, I think the trade-offs have worked out very well since the digital race to become the fastest fill has entered the world of finances. It is almost like nations competing to have the cheapest currency today. Many profits can be made, but when there is a glitch, it all comes down awfully hard. But isn’t this the juice of Uranus square Pluto (2012-2015) and more so, the Cardinal Climax and the “Seven Years of Tribulation (2008-2015).” The game may be rigged, but I believe today’s investor (and middle class saver, home owner, Mr. Main Street) is being harmed more by the continuous intervention and market engineering practices of central banks and world governments than by high frequency traders.






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