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Market Preview for the week beginning January 10, 2022
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Index 29 January 2023


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Market Preview for the week beginning January 10, 2022

Market Preview for the week beginning January 10, 2022

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Review and Preview    

Investors have been preparing for the Federal Reserve to start hiking interest rates. They also know the central bank is cutting the amount of bonds it buys each month. On top of that, they figured, eventually, the tapering would lead to a reduction in the nearly $9 trillion in assets the Fed is holding. What they didn’t expect were all three things happening at the same time. While the moves are designed to fight inflation and as the jobs market heals, the jolt of a Fed triple threat of tightening sent the market into a tailspin Wednesday. – Jeff Cox, “The Federal Reserve is Scaring Markets with the Triple Threat of Policy Tightening,”, January 6, 2022.

The U.S. economy added far fewer jobs than expected in December. Nonfarm payrolls grew by 199,000, while the unemployment rate fell to 3.9%, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data. That compared to the Dow Jones estimate of 422,000 for the payrolls number and 4.1% for the unemployment rate. The numbers come at a crossroads for the U.S. economy as more than half a million Covid cases per day, many related to the omicron variant, threaten to stall an economic recovery that looks to accelerate in 2022. – Jeff Cox, “Hiring falters in December as payrolls rise only 199,000,”, January 7, 2022.

Venus retrograde struck the world equity markets on Wednesday, January 5, as the Federal Reserve Board shocked the investment community with a much more hawkish-than-anticipated change in monetary policy. Was that the legendary but elusive “gong” that is supposed to be struck when the bull market ends? Maybe. Venus rules the voice, and the Federal Reserve has the largest voice of any institution on the planet. When the Fed speaks, markets listen. And the Fed says it wants to stop the growth of inflation.

We expected something like this. Last week’s column stated, “We suspect important announcements from central banks will come out while Venus is retrograde through January 29 and maybe close to the midpoint of that passage, which is next weekend (January 8-9).” The notes from their December meeting came out late in the day on January 5, shortly after the DJIA and S&P posted new all-time highs. The selloff was dramatic and sudden. It was also the 12th trading day after Venus turned retrograde and 7th trading day after Saturn squared Uranus. Our historical studies published in The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing Volume 3: Geocosmic Correlations to Trading Cycles showed that primary cycles (crests or troughs) occur well over 70% of the time within 12 trading days of each signature. This is a big cosmic moment as one year ends, and another begins, given these two powerful signatures.

Now, with the weaker than expected jobs report on Friday, the Fed may have to walk back their hawkish discussions if it leads to a severe market selloff. Raising rates and reducing liquidity are not the best steps to take if the economy or stock market begins a sudden and serious retreat. And retreat is a word that goes with retrograde planets like Venus. Plus, Mercury (talk) will join Venus in its retrograde cycle on January 14. On the other hand, acceleration of inflation practically demands this aggressive approach.

Venus retrograde also represents conflicts in decision-making. It can be a time of indecision, seeing things from multiple but contrasting points of view. Does the Fed want to get control of inflation and risk an economic recession, or avoid a recession at the risk of accelerating inflation? It may not be able to have its cake and eat it too, which Venus (lust) wishes. Perhaps the Fed lets them eat their cake, but not their potatoes, which would be perfectly fine with me.

Equities were not the only market that got pummeled by the Fed announcement last week. Gold and Silver were also doing quite well until then, with Gold testing its high for the current primary cycle above 1830. By Friday, it was testing 1780. Silver was near its cycle high of 23.48. By Friday, it was trading under 22.00. But both started to rally by the end of Friday. Bitcoin and Ethereum also got crushed, with both falling to their lowest levels since their major cycle lows in September. Crude Oil, on the other hand, was a star last week, rising above $80 after being as low as 62.43 on its primary cycle trough of December 2. And why not? Jupiter just went into Pisces, the sign it co-rules with Neptune, which is already there. Jupiter, Neptune, and Pisces all rule Crude Oil. Nobody likes Crude Oil. But they can’t live without it yet.


Short-term Geocosmics and Longer-term Thoughts

Nearly all world stock indices started off the year on fire last week. And nearly all then got drenched by the Fed’s aggressive and bold communication of its December meeting. Aggressive and bold – that’s Mars in Sagittarius. It was like a fire that had to be put out (Sagittarius also co-rules Crude Oil). It will be interesting to see what the Fed says and does around January 24 when Mars ingresses into Capricorn, conjunct the Fed’s Sun and opposite its Pluto, and at the same time opposite the U.S. Venus in Cancer. That is also just five days before Venus (currency) ends its retrograde cycle, also in Capricorn.

Mars transitioning from the fire of Sagittarius to the cold and bleak Capricorn makes me think we will be forced to adjust from a diet of cake to one of potatoes. Mars in Sagittarius may be all over the place with wild speculative ideas. Inflation is still likely to be excessive (Sagittarius). But Mars in Capricorn will know its place and be asked (maybe forced) to get by on less, and until obeyed, so there will be no cake. We could have another battle raging between the Fed and the people or the government. The former wants to be strict and follow through on administering the tough medicine. The latter can’t stand the loss of its sugar addiction and rebels against the diet of potatoes.

In the past, it hasn’t paid to fight the Fed when it was in a generous and accommodative mood. I suspect it won’t pay to fight the Fed when it says it is time to get off our addiction to the sugar highs of fiscal and monetary accommodation we have gotten used to over the past decade. It’s not a bad idea to get off sugar. Yet, as Jupiter continues to approach Neptune in Pisces in April, those with the sugar blues aren’t going to go down meekly. Inflation will likely be here a little longer, even after the Fed administers a heavy dose of distasteful medicine. But not to worry. I don’t think the Fed will last long either on this diet. Once Jupiter enters Aries, another fire sign, after May 10, I expect they will go for the sugar again, thinking they proved a point or feeling the heat of Aries now being administered by a government that never wanted to go cold turkey in the first place, especially heading into a mid-term election.

Somewhere through this schizophrenic year, they – most people – will begin to see the virtue of the path of moderation, consistent with the message of Jupiter in its waxing phase with Saturn. Everyone (except me) really wants a balanced, full-course meal, and that includes dessert and potatoes. I think we will get there. One to three years after Jupiter conjoins Saturn, you usually get a good sell-off. Then three-five years after that, you get a nice bull run. I will talk about that in the Forecast 2022 webinar on February 20.




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