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Forecast 2023 Scorecard as of July 23, 2023

Forecast 2023 Scorecard as of July 23, 2023

Forecast 2023 Scorecard as of July 23, 2023

Published August 05, 2023




Every year gets better and better with our forecasts. Although 2023 is not yet over, several forecasts made in the Forecast 2023 Book have already unfolded. We will list a few of the forecasts below as of July 24. Keep in mind these forecasts were written in October-November 2022, and published December 2022, well before 2022 got underway. As far as market sectors go, 2023 was an awesome year for forecasting, with the exception of Gold, which bottomed as we were writing the 2023 book. Particularly awesome were the Stock, currencies, and Bitcoin markets. Read below.


ECONOMIC AND MARKET FORECASTS FOR 2022 (written August 1-November 20, 2022)

The U.S. Stock Market and DJIA: “Our focus will be on a 3-year cycle low due March 2023 +/- 6 months. It may have already happened on October 13, 2022, when prices fell to 28,660. The price target for this low is 27,582 +/- 2211 At the same time, we do not expect the DJIA to rally more than a range of 2% from the all-time high of 36,952 of January 2022, and maybe not even that high. Traders may look to buy on declines to 27,500-29,000 in 2022 with stop-losses based on one’s risk tolerance and sell if the DJIA shows resistance between 35,500-37,500, especially if it happens near a geocosmic critical reversal date listed below.” As of July 23, The low of October 13, 2022 is holding and the high is now approaching our upside target given. Six of the seven critical reversal dates given as of July 23 have been within one trading days of a major reversal so far.

Gold: “However, the main takeaway from these cycle studies here has to be that an exceptional buying opportunity is setting up for Gold on the next decline.” The idea was right, but unfortunately (for us), the low happened on November 3, 2022 as this section was being written, and we didn’t get a “next” cycle low to lower prices as expected. However, a “Special Gold Market” report was sent out to all MMA Cycles subscribers on April 10, 2023, adjusting our cycles’ outlook from bearish to bullish and both weekly and daily subscribers were advised to buy the low in Gold under $1820 in March, just before that special report, and again around 1900+/- 12 on June 29. As of this writing, 6 of the 7 critical reversal dates given for metals have hit within one week, with four happening within 0-2 days.

Silver: “Since Silver is trading between the 11.64 low of March 2020 and the 30.35 high of February 2021, there is no confirmation yet that the high of the second 9.25-year half cycle is in. There is still time for it to move higher, even in a bearish left translation cycle. The normal price range for this crest would be 30.73 +/- 4.50, and a 45-85% retracement (still bearish) would be 28.82-44.10…. Therefore, our advice for position traders in 2023 is to buy corrective lows that hold above 18.00…” As of this writing, the low of the year has been 19.95 on March 8 and the high has been 26.43 on May 5, which has entered the lower end of our upside price target zone.

T-Notes: “Our bias is for a 6-year and 3-year cycle low to occur by June in 2023, and preferably between March-June.” As of July 23, the lows of the year were the double bottoms of March 2 and July 6. Also, 6 of the seven reversal dates given have coincided with major reversals within 4 trading days, and five were within 3 trading days.

U.S. Dollar: “If it is correct that the 20-month cycle is operational, then its cycle crest is due, at the latest, by January 2023. The September 28 crest was established at the upper edge of a long-term channel, right now at 114.61 and rising. Consequently, the 20-month cycle crest might already have peaked out at this powerful resistance line. In fact, this is our bias. Once the 20-month cycle crest is in place, the prices should head south towards a bullish 20-month intermediate-term cycle low, projected with its 5-month orb to be in, at the latest, by February 202. Using the September 28 crest, we get a price target for the 20-month cycle low of 96.49-109.91. The 38.2-61.8% retracement generates a narrower price target range of 98.98-105.01.” The 20-month cycle crest conformed on September 28, 2022, and the 20 month cycle low can now be conformed at 100.82 on February 2, 2023, right in the time and price range as given.

Dollar/Yen: “Our strategy going into 2023 is to maintain our bullish bias but look to exit and even sell short from a high that forms between March and June in the 150.00 +/- 2.00. In the event that the 4.125-year and 22.5-month cycles have already topped out, we would look to buy Dollars in the 132.00 +/- 2.00 or 126.00 +/- 2.00 zones…” The low of the year was 127.21 on January 16, in the second price target range given, and the high as of this date has been 145.07 on June 30, which was right at the end of the time band given for a high, but slightly lower than the projected price range.

British Pound: “We are now close to the 32nd month of the 34-month cycle that started at the March 2020 low (6). This 34-month cycle is thus in its bottoming time zone, and it is very possible that the low was made on September 26, 2022, at 1.0382. Once the 34-month cycle low is in place, the prices are expected to rise to a bearish 34-month cycle crest, expected after 8 months +/- 4 months, at an increase of 8.06-23.16%. If the September 28, 2022, low remains, then a bearish 34-month cycle crest is anticipated to happen sometime January-September 2023 at 1.1219-1.2787…. we could go all the way to the targets of a bullish 16-month cycle crest, projected to occur in the time frame June 2023-January 2024, at the narrowed down price target range of 1.1968-1.3960.” The 34-month cycle low was confirmed on September 28, 2022. Since then, the Sterling has rallied to a high of 131.44 as of July 14 as of this writing.

Euro: “Our bias is that the low on September 28, 2022, at 0.9534 USD, was the long-term cycle bottom. From this low, the Euro is anticipated to rally to either a bearish 32-month long-term cycle crest, expected in the time frame August 25-November 11, 2023, at the narrowed down price target span of 1.0609-1.1080, or to a 24-month intermediate-term cycle crest, anticipated sometime January 1-March 16, 2023, at the narrowed down price target of 1.0609-1.1274.” The September 28 low is confirmed as the 32-month cycle trough. So far the high has been 1.1275 on July 18, which is before the time band given for the high, but near the upper end of the price range given.

Swiss Franc:It all depends on whether the .9901 low of November 3 will hold, which just occurred less than two weeks ago as of this writing. If so, that would be labeled as a 5.5-year cycle trough, and the Swiss Franc will be bullish for at least 8-33 months. It would likely test 1.1441 again, with an upside target of 1.1673 +/- .0209 or much higher. Our bias is bullish until .9901 is broken. Therefore, position traders are advised to look for buying opportunities on any corrective declines this year. Pay special attention to the period of April-September when powerful geocosmic signatures related to reversals in currency prices are in effect.” The November 3, 2022 low held, and as of this writing, the high has been 1.1765 on July 18, in the time and price range given for a high in 2023.

Bitcoin: “Now that Bitcoin is in our 77-93% decline range for a low, as given… We think there is an excellent chance that there will be at least a 100% rally in 2023 from the low that is forming now. Speculators may look for opportunities to buy Bitcoin on a low that is due between now and March, within the price target zones given in this chapter.” This was written two weeks before the actual low on November 21, 2022 at 15,479. Since that time. Bitcoin has soared over 100% to a high of 31,627 on July 12. Not a bad forecast!

Crude Oil: “Simply put, if Crude Oil is in an older 3-year cycle, the first half of 2023 will likely see a decline to new lows by May and perhaps even down to 62.00-68.00… Either way, we anticipate 2023 to be a volatile but generally bullish year for Crude Oil, with a +100% appreciation opportunity that ultimately depends on how the 3-year cycle unfolds.” The low of the year was 63.64 on May 4. It remains to be seen if Crude Oil is in the early stages of a +100% rally, but as this writing two months later, it is already up nearly 25%.

Soybeans: “In the event that a 5.5-year cycle crest was completed on June 9 at 1784, and the second 32-month cycle has already turned bearish, we could look for a sustained decline throughout 2023…, but it could lead to a drop down to 1200-1300. Soybeans are likely to encounter significant technical resistance in the 1550-1600 zone as well.” Soybeans did fall to a yearly low so far is 1270 on May 31 (nearby contract). Right after that, they soared to the high of the year (so far) of 1616 on July 3, pretty much within the price range given for this year.




Inflation and Economy: “Regarding inflation, the cosmos also provides good news. Jupiter will finally leave Pisces after its third bout, October 28-December 20, 2022. The pace of inflation is likely to recede in 2023, perhaps for a couple of years. I don’t think inflation is going to continue to soar at the pace exhibited in 2022, nor do I think the reduction of its pace is going to result in an exploding economy. I think most major economies of the world will enter a period of “pause and moderation.” I think we are entering a period of slow growth, nationally and worldwide, in 2023 and perhaps into 2024.” Result: The pace of inflation has been cut more than half by July 2023 from where it was a year earlier. At the same time, the U.S. economy is now estimated to slow down greatly, from 3.4% in 2022 to 1.3% in 2023 by the latest government estimates.

Banking Crisis in U.S.: “On the other hand, what will happen if the government’s debt continues to increase at the pace it is on? How long before the nation’s credit is downgraded and then it goes into default? My view is that if this continues, it will get out of hand and be uncontrollable, and people will blame the government, who will blame the Federal Reserve, and then there will be a run on the banks, and bankers will become villains.” Result – In March-April 2023, three major banks went bankrupt and had to be sold to larger banks. The same happened to Credit Suisse.

Artificial Intelligence and Technology Innovation: “Uranus will also begin to move into a grand trine with the U.S. natal Neptune and Moon/Pluto, and sextile to natal Mercury, July 2023-May 2025. This portends a time of discoveries, inventions, and innovations. Innovation is what can lead to a renaissance, maybe even a scientific revolution, for Uranus and Mercury have much to do with science and technology, while Pluto has relevance to research and revelations. It is an enlightenment aspect in these areas, and the United States appears to be the global leader.” The use of AI exploded in March-July as this is being written. It has stunned the investment world with the parabolic price appreciation of AI equities.

Digital Currency Replacing Paper Fiat Currency in the U.S.: “Uranus will also begin to move into a grand trine with the U.S. natal Neptune and Moon/Pluto, and sextile to natal Mercury, July 2023-May 2025. This portends a time of discoveries, inventions, and innovations. Innovation is what can lead to a renaissance, maybe even a scientific revolution, for Uranus and Mercury have much to do with science and technology, while Pluto has relevance to research and revelations. It is an enlightenment aspect in these areas, and the United States appears to be the global leader.” There is talk about such a shift as we enter sparing 2023, but nothing has been passed yet. However, talks are going on behind the scenes.

Transformation of the Work Week: “In this regard, the realm of “work” may become less formal and the realm of “quality time outside of work” more in demand. Expect an increase in the movement to a shorter work week, perhaps involving fewer hours in a workday or a switch from a 5-day to a 4-day work week, or both.” This movement is already underway in several European countries as well as the U.S as of May 2023.

Summer heat wave: “But there are other important geocosmic signatures unfolding July 20-23 as well. Mars will be in opposition to Saturn, the Sun in opposition to Pluto, and most importantly, Venus will turn retrograde at 28° Leo for the next six weeks. Mars and Saturn, with Sun and Pluto in opposition, can represent extreme hot or cold temperatures. The volatility of weather conditions can have an adverse effect on the growing season for grains, and a yearly high or low in Corn or Soybeans can take place during these next six weeks.” Result: Record heat wave in Europe and U.S. caused grain prices to soar.



The Annual Forecast Pre-Order Event August 8- October 31, 2023

The Forecast 2024 eBook will be the pre-order price of € 50* if ordered before October 31st.

Following last years lead, Forecast 2024 eBook will continue our Forecasts for the world and the nation, with our cyclical and geocosmic analysis of social, cultural, political, and economic trends, combined with our analysis and forecasts for financial markets just like always – stock markets, Gold, Silver, T-Notes, Currencies, Grains, Crude Oil and Bitcoin. Plus, we will include our three-star geocosmic critical reversal dates for each market in its own section.


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