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FAQ Forecast 2021

FAQ Forecast 2021

FAQ Forecast 2021

Our Annual Forecast Pre-Order Event will run from August 10- October 31. This is our favorite, and most busy, time of year. We are always available to answer any of your Forecast questions via email to us at We created a list below of our most common FAQs to help this Forecast season.

We are looking forward to another exciting Forecast season together!

Forecast 2021 FAQ


Q: What are the dates I can pre-order Forecast 2021 for $45/€ 40?
A: Our annual event where you can pre-order Forecast 2021 for $45/€ 40 will run from August 10- October 31. On November 1, 2020, the price will increase to $55/€ 49. You may still pre-order Forecast 2021 for mid-December shipment after October 31st but the price will increase to $55/€ 49.


Q: When will Forecast 2021 be shipped?
A: Both Forecast 2021 eBook and Print will be printed in the US and mailed to us for sending it to you via Global Shipping & Logistics Service UPS on December 15, 2020. If eBook was ordered, Forecast 2021 eBook PDF will be made available on December 15, 2020. If Print book was ordered, Forecast 2021 Print Book will be sent via mail as soon as it arrives with us in Netherlands, probably shortly after December 15. You may request a tracking ID via email after December 15 as we do not individually send out tracking IDs for pre-ordered books. We can control the date that Forecast 2021 will be mailed but we cannot control the date which the book will arrive to you. Please note, end of December is a very busy season for standard postal mail services. We do offer the option for DHL Parcel Shipment when you pre-order Forecast 2021. If you want to begin reading Forecast 2021 as soon as possible, we would recommend ordering the eBook.Q: Can I order both Forecast 2021 Print AND eBook?
A: Yes! This would be considered the Forecast 2021 Bundle. The Forecast 2021 eBook would be made available on December 15 and the Print book would be mailed on December 15.


Q: As an active subscriber member, how long do I have to pre-order Forecast 2021 at the discounted price?
A: The discount for our active subscriber members is valid through September 17th. After that date, the price increases to $45 through October 31st and $55 on November 1st.


Q: As an active subscriber member, I would like to renew my subscription to take advantage of the 10% discount. How long do I have to do that?
A: You must renew by October 31st to save 10% on your subscription with the purchase of Forecast 2021.


Q: As an active subscriber member, I would like to renew my subscription to take advantage of the 10% discount for a 1-year subscription, however my current subscription doesn’t expire until January 20, 2021. Can I still save 10%?
A: No problem, renew now at the discounted rate and your subscription will be extended from the date of your current subscription expiration date (i.e. January 20, 2022).


Q: I ordered the Forecast 2021 eBook and Trends for the Twelve Sun Signs eBook. How do I receive them?
A: On December 15th, the eBooks will be available under My Account on the website, and all eBook orders placed after December 15th, will be instantly uploaded under My Account.


Q: I missed the pre-order cut off sale. Now it’s December and I want to pre-order Forecast 2021. When Forecast 2021 be mailed to me?
A: Even though the price of Forecast 2021 will increase on November 1st, we can accept pre-orders up until December 8th to be part of our December 15th shipment. For all orders made after the cut-off date of December 8, 2020, we cannot be guaranteed to ship before the end of the year. Most likely these orders will ship beginning of January 2021.


Q: I received a Forecast 2021 order form in the mail for being a Fan Club Member, but I am also an Active Subscriber. What is the best offer I qualify for?
A: Thank you for being a loyal customer! You will want to go online and order Forecast 2021 for $35 with your Active Subscriber Coupon Code that will be emailed on August 10th.


Q: I would like to order a 3-month Monthly Cycles report subscription @ $95 and a 1-month Weekly Comments and Trade Recommendations subscription @ $185. Does this qualify for the 10% discount on subscriptions over $275/€ 250?
A: Yes! As long as your subscription total reaches $275+ in your shopping cart AND you orderd the Forecast 2021 book and/or eBook, please send us an email with your sebsriptions order and the discount will apply to each subscription. We will then send you our thank you note, an invoice and online payment request.


Q: This is my first Forecast season and I have not ordered with you before. Is it best to call the office to place my order?
A: The order will move a lot quicker if you first Register on our website and put in all the necessary information. Once your account is set-up, you may place the order directly on the website or give us a call (during EU office hours, please) if you need any assistance!


Q: I’ve order a Forecast book in the past, do you have my credit card information on file?
A: No, our website does not store credit card information, but you can pay with your credit card by using the Pay Pal Services at check out.


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